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Spotless Paw is a great product to get the grime off your pet and keep your home and dog looking clean without using water. You wear it like a glove and it can be used on either side on either hand, don’t be alarmed by the 6th finger. It removes loose hairs and reduces shedding and the microfiber holds 600% of its weight in dirt and water. You won’t have to use your nice towels anymore!spotlesspaw_glove-new

Greener Pup, eco-friendly dog beds’, fiber fillers are made from 100% recycled plastic-just a single pound of this filling is made from 10 plastic water/soda bottles. Depending on the size of the bed, which have 6-9 pounds of filling each, your saving 60-90 plastic bottles from being dumped into our landfills!

The amazing fabric that covers the bed is overstock and discontinued fabric that is saved from going to landfills. They have lots of fun designs and sizes to choose from. My favorite is the world, it remind me that owning a Greener Pup can help the planet and as an added bonus my dog LOVES it! On top of that 100% of the profits from Greener Pup go to Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue, Kari’s Foundation.

Check out the celebrity fans.


I am so glad I found Earthborn Holistic pet food, they not only care about your dog but the environment! There are 5 types to choose from and each are made with easily-digested natural fiber to maintain a healthy intestinal tract, better than if you made it yourself. You can help ensure that your dog will get the right mineral balance to build strong teeth and bones.

You can build forests around the world and help reduce harmful greenhouse gases when you participate in the Earthborn Holistic UPCs for Trees program. Just send in your Earthborn Holistic UPCs and they will plant a tree. You can go to the website to check on the tree and get updates.earthborn

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