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Just Look at Those Faces

Ecozoo is a fun summertime organically-grown cotton canvas & rope material bag for kids of all ages, or until they are too cool for them. They have padded shoulder straps and internal pockets which makes it perfect for going back to school!
They are Toxic, PVC and Chlorine-free and carry no ozone-depleting chemicals. At $29.99 who can beat that, plus look at the adorable faces.



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Ozone Friendly Gas

Organic Crush eco chic kids couture speaks about environmental issues. Made with 100% organic Knit Jersey and oh so hip sayings-

Global Warming (warm my bottle, not the planet), the need for conservation (why use a lot, when a little will do?) and my favorite my gas is ozone friendly.

A portion of every purchase is donated to the David Suzuki Foundation; a science-based environmental organization working to protect the balance of nature and our quality of life, now and into the future.


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Natural Chewing Toy for Babies

The handmade Ringley Natural Teething Toy is just what the baby ordered. Really this products is made by a mom who saw the need for a 100% organic cotton teething toy with no harmful chemicals or dyes. I mean it is going in the babies mouth so that is so important, right. It is easy for the little one to grab and slobber all over and it will be such a hit you may need to ring it out from time to time.

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